“The Eclipse customer base is well handled and never calls the manufacturer because of any shortcomings of the distributor, making it nice to be able to sell equipment to a company that takes full responsibility and initiative in all phases of the ATM operation. Over the years I have watched the company grow and become one of the forces of the ATM industry. I consider Eclipse to be one of my top customers and I also consider Derek to be a great friend and ally”.
Bill Dunn, VP Sales - Hantle
“Eclipse Cash Systems is one of the leading members of The National ATM Council (NAC) – actively participating both as an ATM operator and vendor member of our national trade association. Eclipse and its leadership have been exceptionally dedicated and active supporters of NAC and the U.S. independent ATM industry as a whole. Eclipse has proved itself to be a highly reliable, competent, professional and loyal firm in all of its dealings with NAC. The Company has met its financial and organizational commitments and responsibilities to the Association without fail, and is a regular contributor/resource for NAC in dealing with the complex and myriad of challenging technical and business issues impacting the ATM industry. Our Association is proud to have Eclipse as a NAC member and we are personally grateful for the opportunity to work with Derek, Victoria and the entire team at Eclipse Cash Systems.”
Bruce Wayne Renard, Executive Director: The National ATM Council, Inc.
“Eclipse Cash Systems has been a valuable client of MetaBank since 2008. Derek and the Eclipse team strive to be leaders in the ATM industry, and endeavor to be at the forefront of compliance and customer service. MetaBank is happy to have had such a long standing partnership with Eclipse.”
LeRoy Huntimer, Director ATM & POS Sponsorship
“As an ATM operator for over 20 years, I have sat on both sides of the fence of being an ISO for about 16 years and being an affiliate alongside Eclipse ATM for about four years. When Jim and I decided the value of not being an ISO was where we needed to go, we set out to find a Company that we could partner with as our ISO. We had many opportunities to “go under” many great ISO’s but just had a great sense of family with Derek and his “crew”. Derek has brought way more to Turnkey’s table than we could have ever achieved without him and his team. Eclipse is an incredible strategic partner for a small company like Turnkey and more importantly, our “business families” have merged to create great friendships that made the ATM business fun again! From the ladies up front to the guys in the back, they ALWAYS make time for us when we need them. And it is always with a smile and a bit of laughter, an awesome group to partner up with for all our ATM needs!”
Warren Cato, CEO, Managing Partner
“I have had the pleasure of working with Eclipse Cash Systems for over 15 years and have watched them grow into one of the leading ISO’s in the U.S. Their growth is a testament to their commitment to serving their clients with excellent customer service. During that 15 years I have never had a merchant, affiliate or vendor contact me about issues with being paid or concerns about how their processing needs are being meet.”
John Willmon, Senior Vice President of Columbus Data Services
“At Genmega we have been very proud to call Eclipse Cash Systems a partner since our inception. Their service, attention to detail, and experience make them a leader in the ATM industry. From custom enclosures to innovative ideas, the value they bring to the industry and to their customers is unmatched and make us very excited they will be leading this industry into the future.”
Wes Dunn, Vice President of Sales, Genmega

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